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Hello gorgeous! My name is Nancy McEwen and I am the founder and designer here at Studio Fortitudo.
I want to welcome you to our new website and to the Fortitudo community. I hope you look around a bit and that you find something here that inspires you to live your best life!
As a young girl growing up in Winnipeg, I have always loved jewelry. My friends and I formed a beading club every summer. We used to spend our pocket change on glass vials of yellow and red seed beads and make beaded creations for the moms, sisters, and friends in our lives.
And deep in my heart, I recognized the incredible value of women in my life and in the world that were giving so much to so many. 
I didn't really grow up being influenced by the feminist movement in a very big way, but I always knew that women and girls have great inherent strength and courage. As women, we take the roles of caregivers, mothers, daughters, sisters, homemakers, business owners, heads of state and companies, and yet, we remain so committed to our families and friends, ageing parents and so much more. We do it all with grace and love.
What I often notice though, is that women aren't always committed to themselves. I have met many women both young and old that struggle to find their passions and are unsure of their own dreams and their purpose. They haven't looked within and listened to their hearts. And many don't believe that they are able to achieve what they truly want in their lives.
   I have been guilty of this as well. I really did ignore my intuition. I didn't recognize it as the sixth sense that it is. I had dreams, but I didn't think they were actually achievable. I didn't know how to listen to my heart and believe. 
I finally decided that I wanted to see what I could create. I gave myself permission to start down that path, even when I didn't feel quite ready, and even when I knew it wasn't going to be perfect. But it felt so validating to get into action.
Combining my passions, I am now committed to designing elegant and classic jewelry for women just like you with this important message:  Believe and trust in yourself, and realize how incredibly courageous you are.
If you're in a place where you feel like you want more in your life, but you're unsure, let me say, I know that you can create it! You can create everything you want for yourself.
It starts with your self-image, and your personal narrative.
When you set intentions, create new thoughts, and take inspired action, then things will start to fall into place for you. 
Decide on your first best move, and go one step at a time.
Build your toolkit of personal power and trust.
Tune in to your intuition. Your life is always whispering to you.
Believe that you are mighty because you truly are!
I hope you find that our jewelry makes you feel this way; powerful, capable, and worthy. And l hope that it helps you to create the thoughts and beliefs that will then allow you to build the life you dream about.
I'm behind you my friend. 
Much love and support,