Hello beautiful Soul! We're so glad you've found us.

We're celebrating you. Everything about you.

Especially your courage and fortitude. 

You're here because you're searching for your authentic spirit and reclaiming your personal power.

 You know that the possibilities for your life are truly limitless. 

At Studio Fortitudo we create beautiful jewelry to adorn you and to set intentions for your heart and soul.

We're here for it all. We're behind you. And we're celebrating with love, beauty, and talismans that will be constant companions on your journey. Xx

"Playing big is being more loyal to your dreams than to your fears"- Tara Mohr

We're on a mission to help you remember your genius, your beauty, and your worthiness. 

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Sometimes we forget what's possible for ourselves and we need a little reminder. Wearing our jewelry will remind you that the Universe knows your greatness, and that you're here to live it.


The way to get to our future is by acting and thinking as if we're already there. We  remind you to live, think, and act from your future. Believe in yourself. We're behind you.


Taking actions, even small actions every day towards our dreams help us get where we want to go! Through action, we find clarity. If you feel like you have clarity, but haven't taken any action, you probably don't have real clarity. Take one small step every day towards your dreams. Wear soul - affirming jewelry. TRUST THE PROCESS. Clarity will follow.


Beauty truly is the manifestation of love. Both beauty and love will elevate your heart and your spirit. By adorning yourself with beauty, you feel great, you raise your vibrations, and your experiences of love and self-love are heightened. We adorn you with companions of beauty and love while you're raising your vibration and feeling your power.

"Your authentic self has not abandoned you. She has been waiting patiently for you to recognize her and reconnect. Listen to the whispers of your heart. Look within. Your silent companion has lit lanterns of love to illuminate the path to wholeness. At long last, the journey that you were destined to take has begun." - Simple Abundance

Your thoughts are creating your inner voice and informing everything in your life. Jewelry from Studio Fortitudo inspires you to create thoughts that allow you to believe in yourself and your divine gifts. Your authentic self is right there within you. 

At Studio Fortitudo you will find a thoughtful and supportive community that cares about you and holds space for you. Our philosophy is one of love, empowerment, empathy, and compassion.  

 We love to wear beautiful, classic, soul-affirming jewelry that radiates positive energy, understanding and self-guidance. 

These pieces have been designed and made especially for you. 

To remind you. 

 Wherever you are on your journey, take us along. Wear them as a symbol of your capacity to grow and expand.

We're behind you. We're cheering you on. We believe in you. 

You can do anything you want.

If it's IN you, then it's FOR you.

You already have the magic.  Xx

While you're lighting up your life and polishing your shine, we're holding space for you and we'll adorn you with support, beauty, and inspiration.

Many of our designs are lovingly inscribed with meaningful latin phrases and words that speak to your heart and soul.

When you look down at your wrist or feel that pendant at your neck, remember your worthiness and your resilience. This unlocks your confidence and your self-esteem.

Feel the energy.

Wear them every day. Keep them with you and they will become part of your reality.

As you let go of limiting beliefs and recognize your inner critic for what it is, you start to take inspired action, and you show up for yourself in ways that you never thought possible. 

You change your self-talk, your self-image, and you finally remember that you are here for a very important reason. 

We can't wait for you to co-create your authentic life.

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