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Welcome to Studio Fortitudo! We're so glad you're here with us!
At Studio Fortitudo our mission is quite simple but it's super important.
It's about YOU!
We want you to realize that you are capable and worthy right now, at this moment.
You're a powerhouse and you can create anything you desire.
Your dreams are in you.
And whatever is in your heart, is also for you. Your dreams are in your heart for a reason. They are meant to be realized.
We want you to believe and trust that if you listen and pay attention, your heart and soul will guide you to those dreams.
This is really important to us. We care very deeply about you and all women and girls in this world.
We also know that self-awareness and working on personal growth is really valuable work.
And, we believe that we can choose the kind of woman that we want to be. 
 We can choose the thoughts that fit the woman that we desire to be.
Whoever you decide you want to be, create thoughts that validate and remind you of who that person is and also, create thoughts that remind you of your value and your awesomeness.
Pay attention to your intuition.
It's your powerful sixth sense and it is a gift from the universe that is available to you whenever you need guidance.
   Go within and find belief in yourself and your inner beauty.
Show up for yourself my friend.
Remind yourself that you already have everything you need to create your life and trust that you're capable of doing just that.
This is what we want for you! We know you can do it.
Much love,
Your friends at Studio Fortitudo XX
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