Jewelry to Empower Your Dreams.

You are amazing and beautiful exactly as you are right now. 

The Universe sees you, believes in you, and wants all of your wildest dreams to come true. Xx

Remind yourself everyday that you are amazing and that all of the gifts of the Universe are yours. Believe in yourself and your worthiness.

We're celebrating you.

Everything about you.

Especially your unyielding courage.

You have so much self-love and an indomitable spirit. You're evolving, expanding, and becoming wiser and more self-aware every day. The possibilities for your life are endless and exciting.

We're here for it all. And we're celebrating with love, beauty, and gorgeous jewelry. Xx

"Your authentic self has not abandoned you. She has been waiting patiently for you to recognize her and reconnect. Listen to the whispers of your heart. Look within. Your silent companion has lit lanterns of love to illuminate the path to wholeness.  At long last, the journey that you were destined to take has begun. - Simple Abundance

At Studio Fortitudo you will find a thoughtful and supporting community.

Our philosophy is one of love, empowerment and compassion. We also have style and a positive self-image so we wear beautiful soul-affirming jewelry. 

These pieces have been designed and made especially for you.

It doesn't matter where you are on your journey.  

We're behind you. We're cheering you on. We believe in you.

You can literally do anything your heart is yearning for. Xx

Here's how Studio Fortitudo is empowering your dreams. 


Sometimes we forget what's possible for ourselves and we need a little reminder. Wearing our jewelry will remind you that the Universe wants greatness for you, and that's why you're here. 


The way to get to our future is by acting and thinking as if we're already there. We're  reminding you to live, think, and act from your future. Believe in yourself. We're behind you.


Taking actions, even small actions every day towards our dreams help us get where we want to go! Through action, we find clarity. If you feel like you have clarity, but haven't taken any action, you probably don't have real clarity. Take one small step every day towards your dreams. Wear soul - affirming jewelry. TRUST THE PROCESS. Clarity will follow.


Beauty truly is the manifestation of love. Both beauty and love will elevate your heart and your spirit. By adorning yourself with beauty, you raise your vibrations, and your experiences of love and self-love are heightened. We adorn you with beauty and love and you are raising your vibration and feeling your power. 

While you're lighting up your life and polishing your shine, we'll be here for you and we'll adorn you with support, beauty, and inspiration. Xx

OUR JEWELRY IS MEANT TO INSPIRE YOU and Add beauty to your life in all forms.

it will always REMIND YOU OF YOUR inner STRENGTH AND like a valuable heirloom, it will STAY close to Your heart and reflect the Amazing person you're becoming.

When we repeatedly tell ourselves empowering words and affirmations, the neural pathways in our our brains are literally transformed with this positivity, and these statements actually become our truths.  

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Anna Olson

 / Fashion Blogger


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Emma Stewart 

/ Fashion Blogger


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Julie Moore

/ Fashion Blogger

Your thoughts create your inner voice and inform everything in your life. Jewelry from Studio Fortitudo encourages you to use thoughts that allow you to embrace your genius and your unique gifts.

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Nancy McEwen

I'm the founder and designer here at Studio Fortitudo. I am committed to designing jewelry that empowers you and helps you to see the beauty in your own heart. At Studio Fortitudo we remind you that you are an incredible and worthy soul created by the Universe to fulfill your purpose and that the world needs you! 

I get it if you're feeling like your life is okay, and you're relatively content, but something amazing and more authentic, a calling, is swirling in your heart. You've got big dreams. But something is holding you back. Maybe it's fear or feelings of unworthiness or imposter syndrome. Whatever it is, and wherever it's coming from, it's limiting your growth and taking away your power and crushing the belief in yourself.

I've been there. I've felt all of those things. I ignored my dreams. I'm still there sometimes but honestly, I work on it every single day. I have to be very careful how I talk to myself. I wish I had known years ago how my thoughts would affect my life and what to accept as the truth. I had to study and learn and l eventually got past the self-doubt and the need for perfection. I'm so over it! I'm no longer ignoring my dreams and I'm listening to what I want for me. 

 My limiting beliefs were holding me back, and made me feel less than worthy. I felt like I would never achieve my dreams.

But when I looked around and saw people just like me doing amazing and fulfilling things and living out their dreams and doing the exact things that I dreamt about doing, I realized that the only difference between us was that they believed in themselves and their gifts and they weren't letting fear stop them. They were willing to do it messy and imperfectly, and learning how to do it and gain clarity WHILE they were doing it. I realized that none of the gifts that the Universe wanted for me were going to be realized unless I started to truly believe in myself, took action to find clarity, and pushed through fear. 

I was tired of playing small.

So here I am.

I'm not a trained gemologist (working on that). I'm a self-taught jewelry designer. I learned everything by researching and working on my skills, asking questions, and having an insatiable curiosity. I'm working hard on my dreams and it feels so good my friend!

I want the same for you. I truly do! The universe needs what you have to offer right now! You are a piece of the puzzle of the universe. Come along with us! Tap into your inner power and your dreams will become your reality. Start by believing in yourself and then, trust me, you will attract so many beautiful people and opportunities to your life!

  Lux and Veritas

Nancy Xx