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Paris Nights


10 mm Black Onyx gemstone beads

5mm 14k Gold-filled Stardust beads

3mm 14k Gold filled beads

Cubic Zirconia 14k Gold filled round charm

Hematite Heart

Made on a very strong stretch elastic cord


Made from sleek and stylish Black Onyx beads and gold stardust beads, this stunner is a sweet addition to your look for day or night. Black Onyx is a gemstone that is worn for strength, hardiness, stamina and grounding. It protects us against negative thoughts and energy and allows the flow of clear, intentional thoughts. I have included a black hematite heart on this bracelet for extra strength. Hematite is a stone of the mind. It will also protect against negative thoughts from others and provide infusions of will power, confidence, and courage.


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