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Maddalena Bracelet


10mm Strawberry Quartz Gemstones

10mm White Onyx Gemstones

10mm Sterling Silver Pavé Crystal Bead

5mm Sterling Silver Stardust Bead

Constructed on a very strong elastic cord

Waterproof, beachproof, life proof

Shimmering in the light just like the beautiful pink beaches of Sardinia, this gorgeous bracelet contains gemstone beads of pink Strawberry Quartz, White Onyx, and sparkling sterling silver. Strawberry Quartz is a somewhat rare gemstone with glittering inclusions and is known to amplify intentions of the heart – love, gratitude, and generosity. It brings balance to your emotions, and is a very valuable stone for facilitating a sense of inner knowledge. The White Onyx gemstones help to stimulate the crown chakra and the third eye which will allow a positive alignment with your higher power, an increase of inner vision and insight, and will allow you to tap into your psychic senses. I have included a pretty filigree hamsa hand charm which depicts the open right hand and is meant to serve as  protection from ‘the evil eye’. It will also allow luck, health, happiness, and good fortune into your heart.and go


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