Powering Your Dreams

 Hello Beautiful Soul!

My name is Nancy McEwen and I'm the founder and designer here at Studio Fortitudo.

I have always loved jewelry and I have always been a cheerleader for women and their dreams.

Combining my passions, I am committed to designing jewelry that reminds you to believe in yourself and your potential.

 I believe that we are all incredible and worthy souls created by the Universe to fulfill our missions here and that the world needs each and every one of us. 

If you're feeling like there's something more in this world for you, you must know that the only difference between you and someone who is living their best life, is that they believed in themselves, and that they were willing to start out by doing it messy and being willing to fail and keep going. 

I want this for you. The world needs your piece of the puzzle. Come along with us as we explore this beautiful journey of growth and learning. Tap into your divine magic, and your dreams will become your reality.

Start believing in yourself, and then, you will attract so many wonderful people and opportunities to your life. 

I believe in you.

Lux et Veritas - Light and Truth.


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