The aesthetic of the Studio Fortitudo brand is very influenced and inspired by beautiful and ancient European cities and their masterpieces of art, architecture, and sculpture that have survived for generations. Paris, Munich, Porto, Lyon and Grenoble to name a few have captivated my heart as I happily wandered around Europe. I have always been fascinated by these eternal works of art and the feelings of love, longing, strength, determination, and perseverance that they invoke in us, and that we try to replicate in our own lives. 

I have so much gratitude for the richness of culture that they have contributed to humanity and the artistry that is found on everyday items from the simplest iron railing or door knobs to the frescos, paintings and ceiling medallions that grace extravagant cathedrals.  

I go a little crazy when exploring the rich culture of the Renaissance, the opulence of the Baroque period, and the classic architecture of the Greeks and Romans. The artistry and workmanship of the creators, designers, and craftsman has had a lasting effect on me and inspires my jewelry designs today.

These works of art remind me very much of the human spirit when it is searching for strength, truth, and authenticity.

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