Our Story

Hello beautiful!  So glad you're here. Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Nancy McEwen and I am  the founder of Studio Fortitudo. 

I have created this jewelry because I have a burning desire to serve women just like you and,  I think I can relate to you. I think you're a little like me.  You're smart, honest and kind.  You love ancient architecture, great food and wine, walking in the woods, latin phrases of encouragement (who doesn't?) and, because you're so giving, you've been taking care of alot of people in your life. For a long time. 

People rely on you,  and you're very generous to everyone you meet.  When you're not thinking about dark chocolate and brownies, (naturally), you're thinking about others- your kids, your family, your friends. But maybe, just maybe, when you sit down with a cup of tea and think about it, there's some YOU missing in your life.

As much as you love your people, you know that there's always been 'that something' burning in your soul.  You know that you have a true life purpose. You have dreams, and things that you're being called to do.

But your dreams just stay dreams up there in the back of your mind, on a conscious backburner.  You tell yourself that 'one day' you'll do it. You'll make it happen. You'll start your bakery or go on your dream adventure, become a life coach, learn to be a better painter, or publish your first novel.  But, life gets in the way. And maybe you're feeling a bit stuck. You're not living from your future.

I know. I've been there. I was there for so long. 

After staying home with two amazing kids and being the 'go-to' mom, wife, school fund raiser, ski hill driver and forgotten lunch deliverer, I sat down and I did alot of self-reflection. I read all the self-help books, ate so much chocolate ice cream, walked in the woods, and did the meditations where I visualized my inner child and my future self (which I highly recommend). And then, I got very tired of waiting for 'something" and 'researching',  and little by little, I got motivated by my desire to give and help. So i grabbed my favourite sketchbook, took some baby steps, and I built Studio Fortitudo, and my first jewelry collection to inspire women.

I have to admit, it has taken a great deal of courage for me to stop hiding and to make myself 'visible' to the world. I worked hard to get past my own fear of failure and of judgement, release some perfectionist tendencies, and continue onward and upward. But of course there have  been slips along the way, and some imposter syndrome, but so much learning and growth.

 I realized that failure is just redirection, and I slowly stopped caring so much about what others thought of me or of my journey. Because that's really none of my business.  And, my desire to serve you was above all my motivating force.


Studio Fortitudo is the product of this mission to serve women like you while you're growing and seeking. There are so many of us out there and I want you to know that we support you on this path to your dreams. 

We want you to wear our jewelry not just it makes you feel beautiful, but because it stands for courage, self compassion, determination, and all the things that make us up as humans. We're more than beautiful jewelry, we're an amazing and supportive community.

We are here for you and we want to hear from you. We want to know who and what you want to rise for. What is it that you long to do, create, become? What are those limiting beliefs that are holding you back? Let's get into it. We love that stuff.  Because we know that we are all here for a purpose. And this we know for sure:  IF IT'S IN YOU, IT'S FOR YOU. Our dreams and desires are given to us for a reason.  No question. 

We know what it takes to step into your personal power. Our jewelry is meant to be a reminder to you that you already have what it takes, and that your belief in yourself is steadfast. You have the strength in your heart. It has always been there. And the universe has been waiting patiently for you to recognize your courage, and for you to reconnect to your authentic self. 

Your path has already been illuminated. You just need to take the first step, and the step after that will open up to you.

Visit us, follow along with us, and comeback often. 

LUX et VERITAS, love and light.


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